5/8/18 | Henrik Lundqvist spoke with SNY’s Justine Ward at the BTIG event in midtown today.

When asked about his knee, Lundqvist said “I had a PRP shot for me knee three weeks ago, everything is going as planned. Super excited about it, the knee is feeling as good as new. Going back to Sweden soon, probably start skating a little early this summer to work on some things but physically I start to feel pretty good.”

On what he wants to see the Rangers do in free agency, Henrik said, “Hard to say, there are a lot of players out there, it’s important that you put together a plan. You can point to different players that are great but in the end it’s about getting the best team on the ice, the right pieces. That is for management to figure out what we need. If you ask for a great player, I can find them but it’s more important to find the right type of player that will fit nicely into our team and the plan we have for this group next year.”

On his desire for the Stanley Cup, “It’s why I play, it’s why I will start skating in a few weeks and work hard to get better, that is what pushes me the most right now. One step at a time, try to rebuild over the summer and take it from there, it won’t happen overnight but it’s definitely something that inspires me a lot to maybe one day hold that trophy.”

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