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BOSTON, MA – Montreal Canadiens (Photo by Michael Tureski/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The Montreal Canadiens have a handful of players in the organization who may have a chance to be on the team full-time in the future if things work out.

In a season like the Montreal Canadiens have had, the most interesting thing to do is track the prospects. William Bitten and Michael Pezzetta are two directly in the crosshairs of the organization at the moment, but others such as Ryan Poehling and Jake Evans will be prospects to tune into as well as their playoffs are set to start soon. Even young players overseas, most specifically Lukas Vejdemo who’s had his best SHL season by far with 10 goals and 12 assists in 47 games.

It’s not even players in the organization at the moment. With the way the standings are shaping up for the Habs, there’s a good chance at acquiring a top-five pick. One of Rasmus Dahlin, Andrei Svechnikov or Filip Zadina could be in the team’s future come April. Even if the Habs miss at the chance of drafting one of those three, there are other players expected to fall throughout the top ten who would be solid additions to the prospect pool.

Marc Bergevin said that the goal is to focus on youth, speed, and character, and the screening process for what they have in the organization has may already be in effect. Bergevin, as well as Larry Carriere, Eric Crawford, Sean Burke, and Francis Bouillon, were at the Air Canada Centre yesterday afternoon to tune into the Laval Rocket game. Unfortunately, the team lost its 31st game of the season, but there are still things worth watching especially when you consider the players who have earned a call-up and are in need of a contract over the summer.

This leads us to this week’s Enemy’s Insight and the questions Mike Stephens of Editor in Leaf has. Apparently, he’s under the belief that I’m jealous of what his team has accomplished this season (he may be right).

Montreal Canadiens: Enemy’s Insight – Tracking the organizational depth

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