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MONTREAL, QC – FEBRUARY 4: Montreal Canadiens Erik Karlsson (Photo by Francois Lacasse/NHLI via Getty Images)

The Ottawa Senators parted ways with Erik Karlsson, and although the Montreal Canadiens have made debatable decisions, this move may make some look better.

Good morning Montreal Canadiens fans. Let’s talk about what happened Thursday afternoon, shall we? Although this may appear to have little to do with the Habs organization, there’s going to be a threading point at the end of everything.

The Ottawa Senators have been one of the bigger stories of the NHL for the wrong reasons. They went from being an overtime goal away from a Stanley Cup Final appearance to a train wreck throughout the regular season that earned them the rights to the fourth-overall pick. Yes, I understand the Habs finished fourth last in the league, but you can’t deny how much of a mess it’s been in Sens land.

Erik Karlsson‘s status was at the top of the hit list. With things remaining shaky with the management group, a trade seemed likely at last year’s trade deadline. There were even moments during the offseason where it looked like Karlsson would be moved. Teams such as the Tampa Bay Lightning and Dallas Stars were in the mix.

However, he remained in Ottawa, until now. Karlsson is heading over to join the armada the San Jose Sharks have been quietly putting together.

What was the return price you ask? This is where the rain begins to pour. Trading a player of Karlsson’s calibre is difficult. It’ll be tough to ever consider the return you get fair, but its your duty as a general manager to ensure it’s as close as possible. Seeing as how Karlsson is the greatest player to ever put on a Senators’ sweater, high-end prospects, effective and young roster players, as well as high picks are a stable expectation.

Montreal Canadiens: The Erik Karlsson trade proves it can always be worse

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