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BUFFALO, NY – JUNE 24: Montreal Canadiens (Photo by Dave Sandford/NHLI via Getty Images)

The Montreal Canadiens are officially building through the draft, and Trevor Timmins’ drafting experience seems like it is wearing off on Marc Bergevin.

While, the Montreal Canadiens may be in a rough spot in the present,  the team has set themselves up well for the near future. This is because General Manager Marc Bergevin looks like he has put more trust in his assistant Trevor Timmins’ idea of drafting for success.

Over the last two drafts, the Canadiens have managed to fill big needs in their prospect pool.  The centre depth two years ago looked completely bare, but the Habs have focused in on that position improving the pool.

While acquiring good scoring wingers is great, it doesn’t always translate to the next level without equally or more talented centres.  Additionally, many players who were drafted as centres sometimes become wingers which shows how valuable that position is.

With Bergevin and Timmins officially seeing eye-to-eye on rebuilding the Habs prospect pool up the middle, the team may have great overall success two or three years down the road. Timmins has shown signs that he can build a competitive team on his drafting over the last 15 years.

What Trevor Timmins did as a scout

Montreal Canadiens

MONTREAL, QC – JANUARY 20:  (Photo by Francois Lacasse/NHLI via Getty Images)

In his time with the Montreal Canadiens, Timmins has found many gems at the draft. His most recent being defenseman Victor Mete who managed to make the team as 19-year old last season.

Mete was a fourth round pick which made it surprising that he made it to the NHL so fast. However, with the NHL more focused on speed than it ever has been, it makes it easier for undersized defensemen who can skate to make it.  That in combination with a strong training camp is why he made it earlier than expected and the fact that Mete fell so far was great for Timmins and the Habs.

The biggest steal and one of the most surprising picks that Timmins and his scouting staff ever made was drafting Carey Price.  At the time, Price was not even expected to go in the top half of the first round yet alone the fifth-overall pick.

The Canadiens also seemed to be dealing from a position of strength when they drafted Price adding more shock value to the decision. However, Timmins and the rest of the scouting staff seemed to have known something others didn’t as Price is now among the best goalies in the world.

There are also rumored  situations where the Canadiens took a player that Timmins didn’t want.  One example was when the Habs took centre Louis Leblanc over Chris Kreider. This proved to be a big mistake, as Kreider is now a great power forward while Leblanc had an underwhelming career. Montreal would have benefited from having the speedy winger on their side.

Montreal Canadiens: Why Trevor Timmins is the key to success

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