The New Jersey Devils have the reigning MVP on their roster for the 2018-19 season. That didn’t stop the disrespect for Taylor Hall to continue, this time in the fantasy hockey rankings.

Fantasy hockey isn’t the same on the popularity scale of baseball or football, but it is still a very fun game that keeps fans engaged the entire season. Seeing fantasy rankings becomes a microcosm to rank players in the league against each other.

ESPN just released their fantasy hockey rankings for the 2018-19 season, and as can be predicted the New Jersey Devils did not fair too well.

No Devils player was ranked in the top 100 outside of the obvious, Taylor Hall. Now, one would think the reigning MVP would rank as an easy first-round pick in all leagues, right? Nope.

Hall ranks 17th according to ESPN, and 20th according to That seems very low. Sure, he’s ahead of Steven Stamkos on ESPN platforms, but Hall outscored him last year so that makes sense.

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We get that Hall is a left wing, so that’s going to put him below a lot of centers (similar to running backs in football), but he wasn’t even the top rated left wing. He ranks behind Brad Marchand and Alexander Ovechkin.

Hall is very good at most of the stats associated with fantasy. Hall ranks in the top ten in goals, points, shots and power play points. He even added 34 penalty minutes, which for some preposterous reason is still a fantasy stat. Hall gives an owner everything they want from fantasy.

Hey, this just means no matter where you pick in your fantasy draft, Hall will likely be available. Let your opponents draft David Pastrnak and Patrick Kane. We can all gobble up Hall and have the reigning MVP on our side.

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New Jersey Devils: Taylor Hall Disrespected Again, This Time In Fantasy

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