New York Islanders Podcast: John Tavares It’s Not You It’s Me by Michel Anderson

John Tavares finally wrote the Players Tribune article that the New York Islanders fans were waiting for, only it may have made things worse.

Since the decision was made to leave the New York Islanders, fans were waiting for more than the screenshot of a few sentences from John Tavares. Yesterday, 10 days after he signed with Toronto, he finally penned the letter.

Spanning over 4,200 words, John Tavares had a lot to say to the Islanders Faithful. By now you’ve all likely read the novel Johnny gave us so instead of breaking down what he said I’ll just give you my reaction to it.

I hated how it read. It didn’t come off as heartfelt, instead, it felt like a guy fumbling over his words and thoughts with no filter. He was all over the place, and he even would put thoughts within a thought by using parenthesis to describe something.

I appreciate how Tavares describes the painful decision, but to me, the story he described was not him struggling to choose a destination, but him coping with the fact that he was leaving the team that raised him.

Having to see the pajama boy picture again stung, even though I did enjoy a rare sense of self-awareness from Tavares when he called himself pajama boy, and the entire section where he professed his love for Toronto was nauseating.

He basically told us that he loved us and we were fine, just not as good as Toronto. I didn’t gain the closure I desired from this article, instead, old feelings from July 1 were brought back and the scab was reopened.

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