New York Islanders: Team Canada Takes Half Of Isles Offense by Michel Anderson

Through the 2017-2018 season, the New York Islanders remained one of the more charitable organizations raising over $1 million.

The way the New York Islanders franchise has been run for the last quarter century is pretty frustrating. There’s no denying that fans deserve a better on-ice product from their favorite hockey team.

One thing the Islanders do extremely well is being charitable. This seasons they raised over $1 million for various causes.

“It’s nice to be a part of something bigger,” Scott Mayfield said. “Sometimes we get entrenched in hockey and that’s our life and our world, but at the same time there’s more out there.”

Anthony Beauvillier raised money for the Alzheimer’s Association, Anders Lee had his Kancer Jam raising over $100K, and of course one of the more heartwarming stories the Islanders hosted Brandon Bloom for a day (and so many other charities that couldn’t be listed).

It’s really easy to find fault with what the Islanders do on the ice, or how they’re run but one thing is for sure the Islanders do the right thing when it comes to their charity work.

This really puts things in perspective. Yes, the Isles were a frustrating watch this year but in the grand scheme of things, it’s very minimal. Sports is always a nice distraction from real life problems, but I always find it comforting when the sports teams help out with real-life issues like the Islanders did. Some things are just bigger than hockey.

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