The New York Islanders should stay put at the trade deadline. The current hot streak will enter a cooling soon, but that doesn’t mean the New York Islanders have to be buyers.

I think the New York Islanders are way ahead of schedule then what most hockey luminaires predicted at the beginning of the season. With that in mind and with the current chemistry this team is displaying why mess with that?

I know some Islander fans are not thrilled when they look at the bottom six in this line-up. Namely, Komarov, Filppula, Clutterbuck, Martin, and Ladd when he comes back. I am less pessimistic about them than others. I think they bring exactly what this team needs.

Are we supposed to trade a young talented player like Ho-Sang and maybe a first-rounder to fetch a late twenties trade deadline piece? Why? Is it because that player will blaze a direct path to Stanley Cup Victory? That doesn’t make any sense to me.

So what Now?

Maybe just see how it plays out. I enjoy what Leo Komarov and Valtteri Filppula have brought to this team. They’re veteran guys that have played a ton of hockey in their careers, and they are the very definition of we and not me in a team setting.

I think Andrew Ladd also fits into this category. Ladd is a guy with two cups under his belt and 64 career playoff games. Valtteri Filppula also has a career 158 playoff games appearances. Do we believe that Barry Trotz could find no use for Andrew Ladd in his Line-up? I don’t see it.  Guys like Wayne Simmonds, Brayden Schenn, Matt Duchene, are not worth the price tag. Keep what you have and build with it.

Don’t trade guys and picks Like Dal Colle and Ho-Sang and first rounders for these deadline players. This season is the first year of the Trotz and Lamoriello era. The New York Islanders are doing so much better than expected let’s not make the mistake of thinking this team is a Stanley Cup contender this year.

It’s not the case, and if it were the case keep the guys you have in the room now together. They have a chip on their shoulder let it play out this year.

Defense, goaltending, along with Lou and Barry are central to why this team is in the playoff spot they’re in now. Let’s see what the next 36 games bring patience as many say is a virtue.

New York Islanders Let’s Stay Put At The Trade Deadline

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