About a year after the Winnipeg Jets hired a new security puppy, the New York Rangers are following suit and bringing in an adorable pup of their own.

The Rangers have started training a puppy, appropriately named Ranger, who will soon become a professional autism service dog. Ranger will be with the organization for a year while he learns the ins and the outs of his new profession.

Not much is better than a dog with a job.

Ranger was born on January 31 to BluePath, an organization that trains and provides autism service dogs which offer safety, companionship, and opportunities for independence to their future owners. He was scouted by the Rangers because he was wearing a blue collar. A perfect match, really.

The New York Rangers will have Ranger until he is around 14-months old. After they teach him basic obedience and house manners, Ranger will graduate to a professional instructor. After Ranger’s second birthday, he will find his forever home and will be placed with a family with autistic children.

For now, Ranger will be living the ice pup life at Madison Square Garden, but he definitely needs to practice his ice skating.

What a good doggo.

Headline photo: @NYRangersPup



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