Philadelphia Flyers goaltender Alex Lyon has a new mask design and it’s beautiful

The Philadelphia Flyers recently signed goaltender Alex Lyon to a new two-year contract. Shortly after the signing, the goaltender debuted his newest goalie mask. Like his previous masks, this design pays homage to another Philadelphia boy, M. Night Shyamalan.

Last season, Lyon’s mask featured Pennywise the Clown, from Stephen King’s It. The 2017 remake of one of King’s most iconic characters broke records. Lyon’s mask featured an orange balloon as opposed to King’s red one, an obvious nod to the colors donned by the Philadelphia Flyers and Lehigh Valley Phantoms.

The Pennywise mask was apparently good luck as Lyon was wearing it for his first NHL win against the New York Rangers. Lyon’s 2016 mask featured the wildly popular slasher flick Saw.

“I see dead people”, the line featured on the mask, is from Shyamalan’s classic The Sixth Sense which was filmed in and around the city of Philadelphia.

The Artist Behind the Mask

All three of Lyon’s masks were created by David Gunnarsson, who is known the world over for his stunning goalie mask art. Gunnarsson has been creating one of a kind goalie masks for over 20 years. Bauer chose Gunnarsson’s brand, DaveArt, as the official Artist of Bauer NHL Masks.

He also created the mask for this years Vezina Trophy winner Pekka Rinne. Gunnarsson has been creating Rinne’s masks for a decade, and considers the goalie a friend as well as a client. Stanley Cup winning goaltender Brayden Holtby’s mask is another example of Gunnarson’s artistry.

The NHL invited Gunnarsson to create a mask live, as a part of the NHL Global Games in Stockholm, Sweden. If there is a goalie mask that you admire, chances are that it is one of Gunnarsson’s masterpieces. You can read more about Gunnarsson on his company website, DaveArt.

Philadelphia Flyers: Alex Lyon show off new mask

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